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Skytip Media Privacy Policy


About Our Privacy Policy

Whenever you do something like buy one of our PRODUCTS or SERVICES, information is created. Because we know your privacy is important, we have a Privacy Policy to explain how we collect, use and protect that information. There’s a quick summary below, and the entire policy is written in an easy FAQ format. We want to simplify this, so you can make informed choices about your privacy, and then spend the rest of your time enjoying our PRODUCTS and SERVICES.
Effective December 29, 2014


A Quick Summary of Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy applies to your use of our PRODUCTS and SERVICES. We will always provide you with notice of material changes to this Policy. In order to do things like constantly improve our SERVICES, PRODUCTS and relationship with you, we may collect different types of information that help us learn more about how you use our offerings.


Here’s some of the information we collect:

• Account Information includes your name, address, billing address, payment information, various login credentials, telephone number, e-mail address, billing history, service-related details such as service history and other information like that;
• Network Performance & Usage Information tells us how you use our network, our PRODUCTS and our SERVICES, and how well our platform and network is performing;
• Location Information tells us where you are located, as well as your ZIP-code and street address;
• PRODUCT & SERVICE Information tells us about which PRODUCTS and SERVICES you view, the forms you interact with, the information you use and related information about how you use our SKYTIP SERVICES and PRODUCTS.


Here are the three basic ways we collect it:

• We get information from you when you do things like make a purchase from us;
• We collect it from how you use our PRODUCTS and SERVICES;
• Other sources, like payment gateways, marketing companies, and other service providers, provide it to us.


Here are just some of the ways we use it. To:

• Provide PRODUCTS and SERVICES to improve your customer experience;
• Send you bills for your SERVICES;
• Respond to your questions;
• Address network integrity and security issues;
• Do research and analysis to maintain, protect, develop and improve our network;
• Let you know about PRODUCT and SERVICE updates, offers and promotions;
• Improve PRODUCT and SERVICE options;
• Deliver Relevant Advertising;
• Create External Marketing & Analytics Reports;
• Assist in the prevention and investigation of illegal activities and violations of our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policies.


Some examples of who we share your Personal Information with:

• With other companies that perform services on our behalf only as needed for them to perform those services. We require them to protect your information consistent with our Policy.
• With other companies and entities, to:
→ Comply with court orders and other legal process;
→ Assist with identity verification, and preventing fraud and identity theft;
→ Enforce our agreements and property rights; and
→ Obtain payment for PRODUCTS and SERVICES including the transfer or sale of delinquent accounts to third parties for collection.


Details on Personal and Anonymous & Aggregate Information

• What is Personal Information? Information that identifies or reasonably can be used to identify you.
• What is Anonymous? This is information that doesn’t identify you and can’t reasonably be used to identify you specifically.
• What is Aggregate? We take a whole bunch of people’s data and combine it into anonymous groups or categories.
• How we use this information? We use and share this information in many ways including research, SERVICE analysis and PRODUCT marketing and Relevant Advertising. This data is also included in External Marketing & Analytics Reports.


Our privacy commitments

• We don’t sell your Personal Information to anyone for any purpose. Period.
• We keep your Personal Information in our business records while you are a customer, or until it is no longer needed for business, tax or legal purposes.
• We will keep your information safe using encryption or other appropriate security controls.


Our Online Privacy Policy for Children

• We want you to know that we don’t knowingly collect personally identifying information from anyone under the age of 13 unless we first obtain permission from the child’s parent or legal guardian.

Web Site Data Collection: We do not knowingly allow other parties to collect personally identifiable information about your online activities over time and across third-party web sites when you use our PRODUCTS and SERVICES. SKYTIP provides information about the opt-out choices it makes available.


SKYTIP Privacy Policy FAQ

→ Our SKYTIP Privacy Policy in easy, FAQ format.
We understand that everyone thinks that privacy policies are long, complicated and difficult to understand. So we’re going to try to make this as simple as possible.



Let’s start with what we mean when we say:

Aggregate Information: Information that we combine into anonymous groups of customers or users. One way to think of it is in terms of a survey or opinion poll. Aggregate information would tell you that 80 percent of the people voted for a candidate, but not who actually voted. These groups are large enough to reasonably prevent individuals from being identified.

Anonymous Information: Information that doesn’t directly identify and can’t reasonably be used to identify an individual customer or user.

Customer: Anyone who purchases or uses our PRODUCTS or SERVICES.

Personal Information: Information that directly identifies or reasonably can be used to figure out the identity of a customer or user, such as your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Relevant Advertising: Uses aggregate information about groups of people (like age, ethnicity, income range, where those groups live and work, and their interests) to develop advertising that is more likely to be useful to that group. It does not use individual data about what a specific person might like. “Online behavioral advertising” is one type of relevant advertising. It uses interest categories based on the PRODUCTS and SERVICES visited by groups of people to deliver advertising online.

User: Anyone who visits our website or uses our PRODUCTS and SERVICES.

Website: And other terms like “Internet site,” “site” and “web page” all mean the same thing, namely any page or location on the Internet, no matter what device (cell phone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.) or protocol (http, WAP, ftp or other) is used to access the page or location.



1) What does this Policy cover?
 This Privacy Policy covers our practices regarding the information we collect about our customers and users (how we collect it and how we use it). Use of our PRODUCTS and SERVICES, as well as visits to our websites, are subject to this Privacy Policy.

2) Do you have any Privacy Policies other than this one? 
Some areas outside the United States require us to work a little differently. In that case, SKYTIP may adopt separate privacy policies as necessary to reflect the requirements of applicable local laws.

3) What about my family members and other users of my SKYTIP account? Does this Policy apply to them?
Yes. You’re responsible for making sure all family members or other users under your account understand and agree to this Policy. Get everyone together and talk about it. Or, send it by e-mail to make sure they’re on board. Hang it on the fridge. Up to you, just share it!

4) When is information not covered by this Policy? 
Any time you give information to companies other than SKYTIP. Some examples are:
• When you go to a non-SKYTIP website from one of our websites or applications (by clicking on a link or an advertisement, for example);
• If you use public forums – such as social networking SERVICES, Internet bulletin boards, chat rooms, or blogs – the information is publicly available, and we cannot prevent distribution and use of that information by other parties;
• When you purchase or use non-SKYTIP PRODUCTS (such as hosting SERVICES, internet browsers and mobile applications) in combination with SKYTIP SERVICES;
• When we license our brand to other companies for their use in marketing and selling certain non-SKYTIP PRODUCTS and SERVICES, information you give those companies is not covered by this Policy.

5) Can my information be covered by this policy and other privacy policies at the same time?
 Yes, that can happen. For example:
Sometimes we will provide a SERVICE with other companies. In that case your information may be subject to this Policy and that of the other companies. For example, if you use SKYTIP Web Design SERVICES in conjunction with a web host, your information may be covered by both this Policy and their privacy policy
If you connect to our SERVICE through another network, such as one provided in a hotel, airport or other venue, any information collected from your use of that network could be subject to either the SKYTIP policy or the venue policy, and sometimes both. The same thing applies if you connect to our network through your employer’s corporate network, or any network operated by a non-SKYTIP company.
We think it’s a great idea to take a look at the privacy policies of any companies you do business with to learn how they use your information.

6) What about business customers? 
We have written PRODUCT or SERVICE agreements with our business customers that contain specific provisions about confidentiality, security or handling of information. When one of these agreements differs from or conflicts with this Policy, the terms of those agreements will apply. In all other instances, the terms of this Policy apply.



1) What information do we collect? 
We may collect different types of information based on your use of our PRODUCTS and SERVICES and on our business relationship with you.

Personal Information: Information we collect depends on the type of service, support, or sales inquiry, and may include your name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address, dates of service provided, types of service provided, payment history, manner of payment, amount of payments, date of payments, domain name, domain name login credentials, WordPress system login credentials, host provider login credentials, Facebook login credentials, Instagram login credentials, Pinterest login credentials, LinkedIn login credentials, Google+ login credentials, Twitter login credentials, and YouTube login credentials, credit card or other payment information. The financial information will only be used to bill you for the PRODUCTS and SERVICES you purchased. If you purchase by credit card, this information may be forwarded to your credit card provider. When transferring personal information a security icon will appear in your browser.


Cookies and Tracking.

Your Internet browser has the in-built facility for storing small text files – “cookies” – that hold information which allow a website to recognize your account. We use cookies to save your preferences and login information, and to provide personalized functionality. We may use cookies to collect, store, and sometimes track information for statistical purposes to improve the PRODUCTS and SERVICES we provide and to manage our telecommunications networks. More specifically, we use different types of cookies for different purposes: (i) “required cookies” are necessary for our website to work properly, (ii) “performance cookies” allow us to analyze how Visitors use our website so we can measure and improve the performance of our website, (iii) “functional cookies” allow us to remember choices you may have made on our website, and (iv) “advertising cookies” are used to present ads that are relevant to your interests. We may utilize cookies to track referrals from internal and external affiliates, as well as advertising campaigns. We may also use a third party service provider to send emails that you have agreed to receive. Pixel tags and cookies may be used in those email messages to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising and to enable us to provide more focused marketing communications to you. You can reject cookies by changing your browser settings.


Customer Surveys.

We may periodically conduct customer surveys. Participation in our customer surveys is voluntary. However, we encourage our Users to participate in these surveys because they provide us with important information that helps us improve the types of SERVICES we offer and how we provide them to you. Your personal information, if provided, will remain confidential, even if the survey is conducted by a third party service provider on our behalf.


Social Media.

Our website includes social media features (such as the Facebook “Like” button). These features may collect your IP address and which page you are visiting on our website, and may set a cookie to enable the feature to function properly. Social media features and widgets may be hosted by a third party or directly on our website. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing the feature.


Location Information

Location Information includes your ZIP-code and street address, as well as the whereabouts of your wireless device. Location information is generated when your device communicates with cell towers, Wi-Fi routers or access points and/or with other technologies, including the satellites that comprise the Global Positioning System.

1) How Do You Collect Information? 
In three basic ways:
• You Give It To Us when you make a purchase or set up an account with us;

• We Automatically Collect Information when you use our network, PRODUCTS and SERVICES. For example, we collect wireless device location from our network and from your device; and we also use cookies, web server logs and other technologies.
• We Obtain Information from Outside Sources like credit reports, marketing mailing lists, and commercially available geographic and demographic information.

2) How Do You Use My Information? 
We use your information to improve your experience and to make our business stronger. Some examples include:
• Providing and managing your SERVICES, responding to your questions and addressing problems;
• Delivering customized content, Relevant Advertising and personalized offers for PRODUCTS and SERVICES that may be of interest to you;
• Communicating SERVICE updates, offers and promotions;
• Protecting network integrity and security, ensuring quality control, optimizing capacity and preventing misuse;
• Network enhancement planning, engineering and technical support;
• Conducting research and analysis for maintaining, protecting and developing our PRODUCTS and our SERVICES;
• Preventing illegal activities, suspected fraud, and potential threats to our network and our customers;
• Investigating violations of our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policies, or other service conditions or restrictions; and
• Protecting the safety of any person.



1) Do you share my Personal Information internally? 
Yes. Our PRODUCTS and SERVICES are developed, managed, marketed and sold by SKYTIP. Sharing this information helps us offer you the high quality, seamless and innovative range of PRODUCTS and SERVICES you have come to expect from us. Some of these include:
• Targeted marketing campaigns, local SEO management, keyword research, and many other SERVICES provided by SKYTIP Media

2) Do you share my Personal Information with other companies for them to market to me? 
We will only share your Personal Information with other companies for them to use for the marketing of their own PRODUCTS and SERVICES when we have your consent.

3) Are there any other times when you might provide my Personal Information to other companies or entities?
 Yes. We share your Personal Information with companies that perform Services for us, like processing your bill. Because we take our responsibility to safeguard your Personal Information seriously, we do not allow those companies to use it for any purpose other than to perform those Services, and we require them to protect it in a way consistent with this Policy.
Companies that perform these Services may be located outside the United States or the jurisdiction where you reside. If your Personal Information is shared with these companies, it could be accessible to government authorities according to the laws that govern those jurisdictions.
There are also occasions when we provide Personal Information to other companies or other entities, such as government agencies, credit bureaus and collection agencies, without your consent. Some examples include sharing to:
• Comply with court orders, subpoenas, lawful discovery requests and other legal or regulatory requirements, and to enforce our legal rights or defend against legal claims;

• Obtain payment or make refunds for PRODUCTS and SERVICES that appear on your SKYTIP billing statements, including the transfer or sale of delinquent accounts or refund obligations to third parties for collection or payment;

• Enforce our agreements and protect our rights or property,

• Assist with identity verification and e-mail address validation;

• Notify, respond or provide information (including location information) to a responsible governmental entity in emergency or exigent circumstances or in situations involving immediate danger of death or serious physical injury; and

• Notify the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children of information concerning child pornography of which we become aware through the provision of our SERVICES.



1) Do you use my information to send me advertising? 
Yes. We may use information like the preferences you have expressed and interests you have demonstrated on our website and through use of our PRODUCTS and SERVICES, to provide you with marketing information and advertisements for SKYTIP PRODUCTS and SERVICES. Those ads may be delivered on our websites and mobile applications. This is called “first party” advertising. It is part of our service relationship and you are not able to opt-out from this type of advertising.

2) Do you use my information for other types of Relevant Advertising? 
Yes. SKYTIP also uses information we get through your use of our PRODUCTS and SERVICES, from our advertising partners, and information like your age and gender to deliver Relevant Advertising. We combine your anonymous information with that of other users into aggregate “audience segments.” These segments are based on particular interests and/or factual characteristics that everyone in that audience segment is likely to share. We might use that information to send you advertisements that are relevant to those interests or characteristics.
We are careful to create Relevant Advertising with aggregate audience segments that are large enough that you can’t be identified individually.

3) Do you use the location of my device for advertising purposes? 
Yes. SKYTIP uses information about the locations you visit in order to create combined wireless location interest characteristics that can be used to provide Relevant Advertising to you and others like you.
We may associate your wireless device with a particular geographic area, such as a city, ZIP-code, or ZIP + 4 code, based on your billing address or the cell towers you connect with most frequently. SKYTIP does not keep a record of the places you have visited.
In addition to other privacy protections, the process we use to create our audience segment includes a requirement that the ZIP + 4 or other geographic area to which a wireless location is assigned must contain a minimum of 25 households. ZIP + 4 codes with less than 25 households are combined with other ZIP + 4 codes to satisfy this requirement.

4) What’s in it for me?
 Just like the name says, you get advertising that’s more relevant to your interests. For example, if a particular audience segment, like adults between the ages of 21 and 25 with a certain income range, has demonstrated a greater interest in movies than other segments, we might send them a movie ad for a movie geared toward young adults. This is just one way we deliver content that’s more relevant.

5) What information do you provide to advertisers? 
SKYTIP may provide reports to advertisers and other business customers about the success of its advertising campaigns. Those reports contain aggregate information about the number of times a particular ad was viewed, when it was viewed, whether it was viewed on a TV, a mobile device or a computer, demographics associated with the viewing audience and other similar information. Your anonymous information will not be included in aggregate reports about the success of Relevant Advertising campaigns if you have opted-out of Relevant Advertising delivered by SKYTIP.



1) What is location information? 
Exactly what it sounds like! It includes your ZIP-code and street address, as well as the whereabouts of your wireless device.

2) How is it used? We use it for Advertising, market reports, market analysis, and demographic analysis.



1) Where do you get anonymous information?
 Sometimes we’ll collect information about how you use our PRODUCTS using cookies and other similar technologies. This information doesn’t include your Personal Information and is considered anonymous.
When we collect information that identifies you personally, we may anonymize it for certain purposes. We remove data fields (such as name, address and telephone number) that can reasonably be used to identify you. We also use a variety of statistical techniques and operational controls to anonymize data. Anonymizing information is one of the tools we use to protect your privacy.

2) Tell me more about aggregate information.
 Aggregate information is a form of anonymous information. We combine data that meet certain criteria into anonymous groups. For example, we might want to compare what PRODUCTS or SERVICES customers in Sacramento, CA (or any city, county or ZIP-code) buy compared to customers in Reno, NV. In order to do that, we would combine customer data in each of the geographies into anonymous groups and look at all that aggregate data to understand how the two groups are different or similar.

3) Do you share anonymous or aggregate information? Yes, we may share this information with other companies and entities for specific uses, which may include:
• Universities, laboratories, think tanks and other entities that conduct networking, social, behavioral, environmental and other types of scientific research, for the purpose of creating fundamental new knowledge;

• Municipalities, government or other entities that may use this data for purposes such as municipal and transportation planning, and emergency and disaster response coordination.

4) We share this information in external reports like our External Marketing & Analytics Reports and Metric Reports.



1) Do you collect information about my children’s use? 
We do not knowingly collect personally identifying information from anyone under the age of 13 unless we first obtain permission from the child’s parent or legal guardian.

2) You may e-mail us at privacypolicy@skytipmedia.com, call us at 775.453.2277 or write to us at SKYTIP Privacy Policy, 1348 Jones St, Reno, NV 89503 with any questions or concerns you may have about our Children’s Online Privacy Policy.



1) Do we sell your Personal Information? 
No. We do not sell your Personal Information to anyone, for any purpose. Period.

2) How long do we keep your Personal Information? 
We keep your Personal Information as long as we need for business, tax or legal purposes. After that, we destroy it by making it unreadable or undecipherable.

3) What safeguards does SKYTIP have in place? We’ve worked hard to protect your information. And we’ve established electronic and administrative safeguards designed to make the information we collect secure. Some examples of those safeguards include:
• We’ve implemented technology and security features and strict policy guidelines to safeguard the privacy of your Personal Information. Some examples are:
→ Maintaining and protecting the security of computer storage and network equipment, and our security procedures require employee user names and passwords to access sensitive data;
→ Applying encryption or other appropriate security controls to protect Personal Information when stored or transmitted by us;
→ Limiting access to Personal Information to only those with jobs requiring such access; and
→ Requiring caller/online authentication before providing Account Information so that only you or someone who knows your Account Information will be able to access or change the information.
→ Although we strive to keep your Personal Information secure, no security measures are perfect, and we cannot guarantee that your Personal Information will never be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with this Policy (for example, as the result of unauthorized acts by third parties that violate the law or this Policy).

1) Will you notify me in case of a security breach?
 Yes. We will make reasonable attempts to notify you if we determine that we have experienced a security breach and there is a reasonably likely risk of identity theft, or where otherwise required by law.

2) Can I review and correct my Personal Information?
 Yes. We are happy to help you review and correct the Personal Information we have associated with your account and billing records. Please contact us.



1) What happens if there is a change in corporate ownership?
 Information about our customers and users, including Personal Information, may be shared and transferred as part of any merger, acquisition, sale of company assets or transition of service to another provider. This also applies in the unlikely event of an insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership in which customer and user records would be transferred to another entity as a result of such a proceeding.

2) Will I be notified if there are changes to this policy? 
We may update this Privacy Policy as necessary to reflect changes we make and to satisfy legal requirements. We will post a prominent notice of the change on our websites. We will provide you with other appropriate notice of important changes at least 30 days before the effective date.



1) You can choose not to receive some types of advertising online or on your wireless device.



• We encourage you to contact us directly at either of these addresses below for any questions about this Privacy Policy.
• E-mail us at privacypolicy@skytipmedia.com
• Write to us at SKYTIP Privacy Policy, 1348 Jones St, Reno, NV 89503.
• You also have the option of filing a complaint with the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection, using an online form, or by calling toll-free 877.FTC.HELP (877.328.4357; TTY: 866.653.4261). Other rights and remedies also may be available to you under federal or other applicable laws.


Customer Service Contact Numbers

Business: 1-775-453-2277